Erkkiblum, Mottel Media, and Ignivomous present
Freak Flag Fest
June 15-17, 2018
@The Brooklyn Kitchen
100 Frost St.
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Freak Flag Fest (FFF) brings together art, music, food and friends. FFF celebrates the independent underground art and music scene that we've been aware of / part of / around for the last 20 years. Let your freak flag fly, and remember why we love this town.

FFF is sonic, video, projection and installation art, plus awesomely discordant music loud and quiet. FFF is homemade vegan treats inspired by queer hippies. FFF is a totally legal underground rock show revival for all, from legit youth to the somewhat middle-aged. There will be chairs and drinks and inflatables.


$20, Door 6pm, show 6:30pm

$20, Door 3pm, film starts prompty at 4pm

$15, Door 3pm, show 4pm
$50 Father's Day Brunch (12-2pm) + stay for the show

Full Fest Pass (3 days)

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Curated by: KHLOARIS

Celebrating all New York underground film, from highbrow films made by academics, to no-budget trash made by scoundrels.

The programming will run the gamut from live 16mm multi-projector presentations to a multi-media installation from a venerated NYC film workshop and journal to a living VHS museum/lounge to one very strange feature film.

Screenings will play between musical acts, all screening times are approximate.

Friday, June 15th

Zoe Camina and Elyssa Oliver
Death Virgins
A short film about a bloodthirsty feminist cult, hellbent on destroying the patriarchy. Created by two horror fans who decided to make films that would subvert sexist, racist and homophobic horror tropes.
Vile Bodies (1999)
A kabuki death mask puppetry performance of Evelyn Waugh's scathing satire, Vile Bodies. This human puppetry video performance is an interpretation of the passage from the novel.
Amanda Justice
A survey of Amanda's work including There Might Be., A Woman for the Nuclear Age, and Queens with Mirrors.
Lily Sheng
Live double 16mm projection piece Change, along with Matter, and Undercurrents, which includes a live reading and the debut of a new performance piece.

Saturday, June 16th

Terror Firmer
The story of a low budget film crew, led by their blind film director, trying to make some art.
(2 hour feature-length film)
KHLOARIS Presents Mike Diana and T.F.G.
Mike Diana's Apartment is a mini-doc about Mr. Diana's erstwhile Washington Heights apartment. The Ballad of George Takei takes footage shot by Mike Diana, animated Star Trek dolls and found material to create complete ridiculous maximalism. G.O.P. is a fully animated by KHLOARIS from original Mike Diana artwork created for T.F.G.
Zach Strum
The Panty Symphonic
An outrageous death leads to a battle over a mystical pair of women's panties.
Nick Zedd
Gasoline Baptism, Pt. 2
A music video shot this year in Mexico City amidst significant chaos and confusion. The sound is by Nylonothropho, an experimental music/tawdry sorcery project by artist Michael Slatky.
Julie Orlick
25 minutes of Julie's favorite 16mm films from the last 5 years
David Grace
Superstitious Flashlight Routine
20 minutes of mind-boggling puppet monster movies made on smart phones, cut-out animation, advanced psychedelia and other weirdness.
Millennium Film Workshop Presents Lynn Sorenson and Pat O'Neill
Superstitious Flashlight Routine
20 minutes of mind-boggling puppet monster movies made on smart phones, cut-out animation, advanced psychedelia and other weirdness.

Sunday, June 17th

Various family friendly films and projections will screen throughout the day, in between sets.


Curated by: KHLOARIS

Millennium Film Workshop
A 3-panel white wall/science display for looped video projections. Additional installation elements as well as live screenings in the installation with artists/filmmakers Pat O'Neill and Jennifer Reeder.
Horror Boobs
Horror Boobs Trailer Park
Check your brain at the door and be absorbed completely in the insanity that can only be provided by the home video era. Kick back, relax and enjoy an endless barrage of visual stimulation screened exclusively from VHS.

Curated by: Doppelgänger Projects

Jonathan Sims
Matt Ortega

DOPPELGÄNGER is a curatorial venture that actively promotes distinct perspectives within the emerging contemporary arts landscape.

For Freak Flag Fest, both artists will be building site specific, interactive projection-based installations.


By Harry Rosenblum and Fred Hua (Nha Minh) a Vegetarian Cafe offer treats focused on fermented foods inspired by Tennessee commune cultures


Fifth Hammer Beer, Brooklyn Kura Sake, Red Hook Wine, and Brooklyn Cider House Expect fresh lightly fermented non-alcoholic beverages and teas as well.


Streaming Partner: Wave Farm

This event is being streamed live on Wave Farm's Standing Wave Radio, and recorded for future broadcast on Wave Farm's WGXC 90.7-FM in New York's Upper Hudson Valley.


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